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Imagine that, as a fan, you could feel a closer bond with the athletes, musicians, artists, and other cool brands that you follow, all while participating in a huge celebration of hockey. Go ahead, close your eyes and imagine what that would be like.

Pretty cool, right? We think so, too. That was the vision that led us to create PUCK HCKY™.

We are a boutique brand. None of our apparel is mass produced; in fact, we don’t aspire to be the next Reebok or CCM. We want to ensure that you are getting a truly special and unique product that has been personally approved by the athletes, musicians, and artists themselves. We love adding little “extras” like custom labeling, one-of-a-kind zipper pulls, cool stickers, etc.

Our goal is to engage you in total “hockeydom” and we look forward to pushing the boundaries and exceeding your expectations of what a hockey brand can be.





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