Premium Hockey Apparel Brand - NOTICE: We are fulfilling orders with a limited crew to ensure the health and safety of our team and our customers.

Worth the Wait

It's all about the love of hockey!

We want to ensure that you are getting a truly special and unique product. After all, you're discerning enough to be shopping at PUCK HCKY!

Sometimes we are able to ship your order right away. However, none of our apparel is mass produced; in fact, much of it is made-to-order and sometimes in limited quantities. Plus, we love adding little “extras” like custom labeling, one-of-a-kind zipper pulls, cool stickers, etc.

Please be patient with us and know that waiting a little longer just means your order is getting some extra PUCK love before we send it on to its new home!

If you are hoping to receive your order by a specific date (birthday, anniversary, etc.)...get in touch. We've been know to bend over backwards to help make your special day hockey-tastic!


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