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Imagine that, as a fan, you could feel a closer bond with the athletes, musicians, artists, and other cool brands that you follow, all the while participating in a huge celebration of hockey.

This is the creative vision of Michigan-based hockey brand and company, PUCK HCKY, LLC.

PUCK HCKY™ is a brand rooted in the hockey culture, but it revolves around our customers. Our main focus is, and always will be, creating engaging, unique, quality products, while providing generous, attentive, and respectful customer service.

At PUCK HCKY, our goal is to engage you in total “hockeydom”. We look forward to pushing the boundaries and exceeding your expectations of what a hockey brand can be.

Stay tuned for much more sweet gear and clothing, including limited edition products and unique product bundles. You can look forward to awesome collaborations with other cool brands, artists, bands and musicians, record labels, as well as hockey players (of course)!





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