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These special pieces will be offered only for a short time. Just one production run will be made when the ordering period closes. They will not be offered in stores, thus ensuring they become wearable collector's items.  Along with Tomas himself, you will be one of few who own them. Sales will begin Friday, May 15th and close on Friday, June 5th. Once the ordering period ends, these pieces will not be offered again.

We will also offer this design on some super-soft, vibrant tees. The t-shirts will not be limited edition items, however, we will offer a special bundled pre-sale price, so if you think you may want one down the road...the bundle will save you some dough. 



We found an unbelievably gorgeous (yet sporty), off-the-shoulder sweater for this soccer-inspired TATAR shield design. The sweaters are made using yarn dyed fabric and vintage, 30-year old knitting machines! So, each and every one is actually unique in color and shading. The soft, loose knit fabric drapes beautifully. 





For the casual sporty look, we chose this stunning royal heather sweatshirt. This is mid-weight, so it is a bit heavier than our other hoodies. Super durable, yet so soft! And of course, the zipper pull is a mini, custom-made puck! Warning: it's so soft and roomy--you won't want to take it off! 



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