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Apparel Guidance

Men & women alike can shop our full selection of tees. While some of our apparel more readily lends itself to a particular gender (i.e. those categorized as “Women’s”), we know that women are versatile and unique—and can get away with making any type of tee look good!

Here are some suggestions for identifying PUCK gear that will tickle your fancy…

Ladies, if you like to kick it old school, shop the tees in the Men’s section where you can rock a more traditional loose, square cut or select women's tees with the descriptor "generous fit" vs. "slim fit".

Fellas, if you are looking for a tee that goes that extra mile to show off the guns, the tri-blend heather tees typically are more close-fitting, while the solid colors provide a more traditional fit. Look for descriptors, such as, "generous fit" or "slim fit" to help guide you.

When in doubt, shoot us an email (contactus@puckhcky.com) or a phone call (1-888-ALL PUCK) and we will be happy to offer our guidance! 

If there are certain sizes, styles, etc. that you'd really like to see, please drop us a line (ContactUs@puckhcky.com) and let us know--that's very valuable info!


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